Oleodinamica Gambini

Oleodinamica Gambini S.r.l has been in business since 1989, offering its customers high standard technical supports and a rapid delivery of  hydraulic components that does not fear any comparison. Thanks to twenty years of experience, we have the technical skills for supporting our customers by providing innovative solutions for hydraulic systems that will meet customer’s needs.




Belonging in the BOSCH REXROTH OIL CONTROL, a solid and long-lasting cooperation with hydraulic leading industry such as  Walvoil S.p.A. and Casappa S.p.A., allow our company to have a set of problem-solving skills that quickly and professionally can used in answering any problems in hydraulics.

Experience, precision, speed and belief in technology are our core values ​​with a particular attention to the sustainability of our company thanks to a photovoltaic system that reduces electricity consumption and helps in keeping the environment clean!

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