Small, special,

Before establishing this production department, we had seen requests that were impossible to satisfy.
However, thanks to a team of designers and an in-house manufacturing shop, we can now meet the most demanding requirements. In particular, we can optimize the dimensions of the hydraulic power packs, reducing space and weight to the barest minimum. Perfect applications for lifting.
Whatever the case, with custom design we can obtain special products that are truly unrivaled.

Small amounts,
unlimited performance.

Thanks to the production system and with cutting-edge machining centres, we can meet “extreme” demands, even for small production lots. This guarantees the same levels of performance and safety as achieved with series market products, but still meeting the specific properties that make your application stand out.

Check list
and absolute security.

A control department oversees your safety, even before the product leaves our facilities, thus ensuring reliability and longevity.
An accurate system for verification and testing certifies that each piece will do its job, and do it well, for a long time.

Beyond the standards.

Customisation often means achieving better performance. We design and manufacture integrated circuits and hydraulic power packs to meet customer specifications.

Contact us,
we are at your disposal.

Whether your request is of a technical or commercial nature, do not hesitate to contact us by phone or by filling out the form. You will be promptly contacted by the most suitable employee.

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